Greetings from the Industry Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA),
affiliated with the SPE Wellbore Positioning Technical Section

Dear Colleagues,

The 49th General meeting was held in the Hague, Netherlands on Friday 8th March,
Sub-Committee meetings were held on Thursday 7th March.

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Slides and minutes for all meetings of the Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA) / SPE Wellbore Positioning Technical Section can be found under the meeting minutes tab of this webpage.

ISCWSA#49 Meeting registration rates were :

Early Bird : $125
Normal : $150
Late/Onsite : $200

WPTS ISCWSA Current Officers, Upcoming Election, and 50th General Meeting
Once again it is time for us to nominate a new set of officers. This is an annual process which is finalized in conjunction with the SPE/ATCE conference during the fall session.

  • Chair: Jonathan Lightfoot – Ross Lowdon

  • Program Chair: Ross Lowdon – Position up for election in Fall meeting

  • Secretary: Ryan Kirby

  • Treasurer: Robert Wylie

  • Webmaster: Phil Harbidge

  • Director at Large: Heather Vannoy – Position up for election in Fall meeting

  • Director at Large: Adrian Ledroz – Position up for election in Fall meeting

  • Director at Large: AnaS Sikal

  • Director at Large: Chad Hanak

  • Membership Chair: New Position up for election in Fall meeting

We have 4 positions opening (Program Chair, 2 Directors at Large and a new position Membership Chair) and we welcome nominations for these positions

The Officers provided edits to our Constitution. The primary goal was to review the jurisdiction section of the document and provide clarity on roles and responsibilities of elected officers.

Draft constitution for comment and voting.

We request all SPE, WPTS ISCWSA members review it and advise by e-mail or in person at the next meeting where a vote will be held.

If we have sufficient support, the WPTS ISCWSA will adopt the new Constitution at the Oct 3rd Meeting in Calgary.

If you are a member of a sub-committee, we will be grateful if you can plan to attend. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the sub-committee chairperson. A contact list is available on the ISCWSA sub-committee tab.

If you or your organization can offer sponsorship for portions of the meetings (such as coffee breaks, lunches, meeting rooms etc.), please contact Jonathan Lightfoot, ISCWSA Chairperson. We are indebted to the many past sponsors who have contributed to sustain our technical community work which has been running for over 22 years and we look forward to continuing our good work for many years to come.

We are proud of the excellence in our technical discipline.
As members of the Wellbore Positioning Technical Section, (WPTS), we have colleagues who have made technical accomplishments that have had a significant impact on the industry. They are worthy of recognition. SPE is now accepting nominations for Awards. Go to to learn how to make a nomination. SPE staff are available to help you at

Of additional note, the UHI on-line course based on the ISCWSA e-book details at or contact Angus Jamieson.

Best Regards,


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